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Cell Phone Monocular

The cell phone monocular telescope is perfect for night vision. It is a great gift for someone who loves to see things in the dark. It has a 40 inch aperture and a 60 inch long neck for perfect view. The telescope is clip on for ease of use.

Monocular For Cell Phone

If you're looking for a monocular that will make your cell phone a little more accessible, then the monocular for cell phone is the perfect option. This device is small and easy to carry around, and it can be attached to your belt or pocket without feeling bulky. Start using your monocular for cell phone today, and you'll see how great it is for using your phone without sacrificing reach or clarity.

Monocular Telescope Phone Clip

This attachment allows you to use your universal cell phone as a mount for a binocular monocular spotting scope or telescope. It is also easy to fit and remove for your next use. this mount includes a_ a_ universal binocular cell phone mount_ a_ that allows you to use your binoculars to view the distant object from up to 30 yards. The mount is also capable of holding the universal viewing angs_ an_ an eyepiece an'! thisuniversal cell phone adapter mount binocular monocular spotting scope telescope is perfect for attaching to a shoulder or pocket for when using your phone is becoming more and more important. This binocular attachment has two set of eyepiece views that make it the perfect addition to your telescope. this is a great clip for a monocular telescope that has a 40x60mm lens. The clip is perfect for wearing at the ready, or as a fun gift. The tripod included means you can keep your telescope on-hand even when you're not using it.