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Stealth Angel Monocular

Are you scouring for a new and unique telescope? If so, then you should definitely research this Monocular telescope, it is dual focus so you can use both eyes to see the best view. It as well 16 magnification so you can get a first-class view even of the small worlds.

Stealth Angel 16x52 Dual Focus Monocular Telescope Spotting Scope

The 16 is a top-of-the-heap spotting scope for the detail lover in you, with its dual focus design and night vision, this spotting scope is outstanding for the outdoorsman or beginner. With it's 16 design, it offers a very wide angle of view, making it great for spotting out of the sun or lighted areas, the Monocular telescope feature's it's own night vision that makes it excellent for use at night. Additionally, the 16 extends a very low light temperature, making it top for use in dark areas, lastly, the Monocular telescope features a very low price ($549. 99 list price), making it a practical value for the outdoor user or beginner, the Stealth Angel is an 16 dual focus Monocular telescope that offers a stylish and stylish look. With its sleek design and hidden night vision, the Stealth Angel peerless for individuals who are searching for a showy telescope that will show off their skills at night, with its stealthy style and night vision, this telescope is splendid for enthusiasts who wish to show off their skills at night. This telescope grants an 16 magnification range and imparts a Stealth Angel light up beam, it presents an 20 x zoom lens and a dual focus system. This telescope is first-class for students or anyone who wants a high-quality, privacy-centric telescope, the telescope is fabricated from durable and sturdy materials, making it a potential favorite for lovers hunting for a reliable and reliable tool. The telescope extends a range of up to 16 and can be used with either an 12 or 16 inch eyepiece, the telescope also features a flashlight for added features.